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Social Impact Capital Raising 101

How to Raise Social Impact Capital

I’m a late-bloomer Changemaker and it was only after many years of tolerating a system that rewards manipulative and dishonest business practices aka “business as usual”, I finally said enough! Like many people, I desired social change for a better and different world, but felt powerless as one person. But it was through a combination of knowledge, resources and determination, I discovered the world of social impact. Changemakers are the force of social evolution and every one of us can become one through collaboration and being part of something greater.

12 months ago, my co-founders and I started the Vancouver Social Innovation Meetup through The Art Party and we are now endorsers of the Earth Charter for a “just, sustainable and peaceful global society”: Our Meetup has grown to over 800 Social Innovator Members! We’re pleased to have Spring University for global startups in social impact as one of our Meetup hosts. I’m especially interested in the area of social impact funding – how money can enable SOCIAL GOOD – from revitalizing low-income distressed neighbourhoods to permaculture and more.

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Social Impact Capital Raising