DUDOC Vancouver


Dudoc operated by Walas is a Dutch-Canadian urban design company that specializes in revitalizing neighbourhoods by taking into account the existing essence of the area, enhancing the creative core and listening to the locals. Walas – Endorser of Earth Charter® is known for fostering the creative class and growing the local economy by encouraging micro-businesses. Walas and the Consul-General of Netherlands collaborated to make Dudoc a reality.

Dudoc Vancouver

Marketing Startup Secrets

crowdfunding workshop ticketsMarketing Startup Secrets provides quick and easy tools so you can get more sales. As a micro business owner (0 to 5 employees), you often wear many hats so you need effective technology to use or to easily delegate to increase productivity. Also in the Marketing Guide section are the top action items, from positioning statement, to validating your business to outsourcing to grow your business.

Marketing Startup Secrets


First Canadian Barter ExchangeFirst Canadian Barter Exchange (FCBE) aka Barterfirst is proud to have many original members still enjoying the benefits of membership today. FCBE has +600 local business members. We also have affiliates across Canada, the United States and in other areas around the world.

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Golden Brush Art

Vancouver ArtGolden Brush Art has provided live painting events and competitions hosted in Vancouver, BC since 2009. We represent over 200 local emerging artists through live painting competitions. We have live painting competitions from which we call the “Battle of the Brush”.

We bring in multiple teams of artists who compete in a time-limited competition before their spontaneous collective works are displayed and judged by you, our local art connoisseurs!

Carolyn Kramer

CKMy paintings express both dramatic and serene sensibilities, creating a visual meditation on environmental beauty. In my world of old growth forest and bountiful west coast beaches; nature blends patterns and colors in tide marks, layers of earth and microscopic land forms. The ocean floor, texture of tree bark and melting ice emerge on my canvases; inspiring a soulful, ethereal sense of design, color and paint application. Raised in the country, close to nature but not people, I have always closely observed earths formations. Now, years later; these impressions make their way into my art. Microscopic earth images inspire content for my art. They come from my own photographs or sketches, expanded 1000% using mediums of encaustics, acrylic paint, string and gold leaf.