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The Art Party has grown an audience +10,000 on social media for events. We have a track record of audience / volunteers / partnerships development since 2010. The Art Party is partnering with IMPACT Festival to combine audiences for an even bigger impact! 💥

One of the best ways to promote your music is selling music online. The reach is unlimited as it is global and anyone with a laptop and wifi can attend IMPACT Festival.

This non-profit provides music marketing and digital promotion for DJ, music and art talent to promote your music,  sell your music, distribute music online, promote artist merchandise and get VIP tickets for festival and more!

IMPACT Festival 2019 Raised Over $40,000 For Good Causes

What is IMPACT Festival?

In its inaugural year 2019, IMPACT Festival raised over $40,000 for good causes. This year in response to COVID-19 bans of large gatherings, IMPACT Festival is producing a virtual festival to unite the world, promote song writers, musicians, artists and DJs! Alongside these creatives on Twitch TV, IMPACT Festival will be hosting breakout rooms on Zoom with workshops, such as yoga, Kirtan, healing, live art demos, vegan cooking shows and more! 🌿

IMPACT Festival has tested the multi-stage digital festival model to include cutting edge visuals, 3D-designed stages, virtual dance floors, merchandise integration, and more. This is all to help attract a huge audience of virtual supporters for your art, music or passion. 🌎

Artist Relief Impact Fund to support artists who perform at Impact Festival and its associated streams. 100% of this fund will be given to participating artists, divided fairly by the fraction of viewers of each artist’s stream. IMPACT Festival is also supplementing through grand stand sponsorship. ❤️

IMPACT Festival offers consistent streaming for recurring revenue sources for artists to make money online.

  • Direct promotional links to your Artist Patreon accounts

  • 20% referral commissions of any cash sponsorships through your introductions

  • Barter as a secondary, alternative and additional source of sponsorships

  • Direct donation links for all artists during live streams 

  • Promote links to merchandise with print-on-demand support

  • Revenues from VIP (Very Important Philanthropist) tickets for select artists

  • Bonus resources for creatives and changemakers to make money online through crowfunding


Make Money Online With Your Art, Music & Passion. Even With No Tech Experience.

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