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What is the Autonomous Organization AO for Communities?

In 2019, the Autonomous Organization (AO), free membership tool for DCTRL is pivoting to be a community barter exchange for other nodes. DCTRL is based in Downtown Vancouver, in a collaborative community centre inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement, including AO – autonomous organization. DCTRL already has a functional AO on the DCTRL node, which governs the space and is an open source web application and server for replicating community commons.

AO is a second layer protocol that operates on top of a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. It enables fast transactions between participating nodes and is a solution to the crypto scalability problem. It is a peer-to-peer system for making micropayments of cryptocurrency through a network of bidirectional payment channels without delegating custody of funds.

The AO pivot for The Art Party is a digital barter exchange system where members can post a bounty of goods or services on a card and these are converted into points. Members can use these points to pay for membership fees or other goods or services. In addition, the AO is a collaboration tool to enable members to post their profile and track projects under Guilds.

Use Case for AO

The Art Party will need to set up its own node to adopt the AO as a community barter exchange. An example or use case is SOUPer Healthy Vegan Hippie Soups at DCTRL Vancouver. The Art Party initiated Healthy Vegan Hippie Soups on the AO for DCTRL members.

The AO includes a crypto lightning micro payment system that enables members to pay for Healthy Vegan Hippie Soups. The DCTRL Soup Guild makes home-made soups to help fellow blockchain developers / blockchain consultants with limited accessibility to fresh healthy foods at hackerspaces.

The funds will also be used to provide monthly educational Meetups for Autonomous Organization (AO) to help increase awareness for the AO. These AO Meetups will take place at DCTRL, an artist / hackerspace established 2014. The Meetups will also be used for audience development to increase the representation of women attendees, who may wish to join DCTRL and / or The Art Party after learning about the AO.

The Art Party has represented a diverse group of artists, creatives and changemakers across races, genders and ages. By adopting the AO web application as a membership tool for governance, crypto lightning payments, membership directory and collaborative project tracking, this will increase our membership and become more inclusive of women.

AO Implementation on Nodes

The AO for other nodes and implementation for the web application as a community barter exchange. The total estimated cost for customizing the  AO development for other nodes is $2500 USD. The AO implementation on each node (computer server) will take 2 weeks. The AO is already a working web application at DCTRL on its own node (computer server).

Here are the steps on setting up a blockchain lightning node on a raspberry pi from the Raspberry Pi organization:

Learn More About the AO

Here’s the website for the current DCTRL AO, a Collaborative Community Commons in downtown Vancouver, inspired by the ideas behind Bitcoin, Decentralization, and the Open Source movement:

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