EastVanStories.Art From Artists, Creatives & Changemakers

EastVanStories.Art From Artists, Creatives & Changemakers

The Art Party Photography Storytelling Project: EastVanStories.Art

Our EastVanStories.Art lead is Bob Garlick, an original member of The Art Party. Bob has been in the marketing communications industry for over 30 years. He is also an artist, graphic designer, art director, illustrator and photographer:

Bob Garlick: (Photographer) has been shooting all over the world for many years. His first camera was a Pentax K1000 film camera for a student exchange trip to Japan. He is now an expert on almost any format of camera and lighting system and continues to perfect his techniques even today. With over 30 years of experience working with magazine editors, agencies and writers, Bob has the background to develop and produce editorial style photographs that no other photographer can offer.

You can meet Bob Garlick on The Art Party Facebook Group, a social networking community for creatives and changemakers in Metro Vancouver. Arts and cultural news / events / workshops / Meetups are welcomed as long as they meet Facebook community standards.



First East Van Stories Meeting at The Brighton

Our first East Van Stories Meeting at The Brighton on East Hastings Street, Vancouver is Sunday, September 6 from 3pm to 5pm in the Patio which can fit up to 20. However, we’re only hosting about 10 to 12 guests due to COVID-19. After our meeting, we’ll have a live music jam with local musicians and artists of East Van.

East Van Stories From Artists, Creatives & Changemakers

The Art Party is based in East Vancouver, one of the highest concentrations of artists, creatives and changemakers in Canada. 

There are almost 20,000 cultural workers in Vancouver, of which almost 5000 are artists, the highest per capita in Canada. There are not enough collectors locally. Artists need skills training in digital technology  to reach a global audience. In Vancouver, artists make up 2.3% of the labour force with the broader category of cultural workers representing 9.7% (almost 20,000). Regrettably, 65% of artists (approx. 3,000) in Vancouver report a total income under $40,000 per annum and are living below the poverty line (Statistics Canada, 2011). 

Partial proceeds from the EastVanStories.Art project will support The Art Party Education Fund for online skills training. 

The Art Party Mission: We provide services that build and connect our communities with social networking, as well as space for arts cultural events and skills training for Creatives & Changemakers. This empowers them to make a positive social impact.

Learn more about East Vancouver Arts & East Van Artists:

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