Get Your Hobbies & Passion Online


Revealed to Only 12 People Exclusively!

Want To Get Your Hobbies & Passion Online? Even If You Have No Experience.

This Is The Best Time In History To Turn Your Ideas, Hobbies & Passion Into A Profitable, Reliable, Stress-Free Digital Online Business.

This Live Training will Cover:

How To Develop Your Ideal Customer Avatar & Engage With Them (Value $197)

BONUS # 1: How To Create Marketing Automation On A Tight Budget (Value $297) This Is a Unique Hack with 2 free + 1 low-cost online tools not taught anywhere else!

BONUS # 2: Barterfirst Membership +600 Businesses Network 3 Months (Value $100)

“We focus on getting to know each member’s business. We understand that every business owner has unique needs, and we have the experience to not only fill the needs you have today but to anticipate those you’ll have in the future.”

3-Steps to Find Your Ideal Local Customers Who Will Love Your Product / Service

Defining your target market is hard. Once you know who your ideal customers are, you can effectively reach them.

To market to your target audience, you must empathize with them by identifying with their situation and pain.

This includes your prospects wants and needs. Your marketing must appeal to their wants and not their needs.

Learn how at our upcoming Marketing Workshop:

1. Define Your Customer Avatar
Start with a local reach to build your tribe. Learn how to find your tribe so you can talk to real prospects about your offer and more! 

2. Meet Your Ideal Prospects Locally
Discover easy and popular mobile tools to find your ideal and qualified prospects in your community to convert them into customers.

3. Use a Proven Method to Scale Globally
After launching and validating your offer, automate your marketing to convert more leads on a startup budget of only $17!

Case study: $50 Facebook Ads budget to get 857 mostly local fans and 1870 mostly local members for

Presenters: Liza J. Lee & Mirey Faema

Liza J. Lee, Co-Founder of The Art Party

Marketing experience includes +50 small businesses, corporations and events since 2001. Liza is from Vancouver, Canada – startup capital of North America. She is the co-founder of The Art Party, an endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable, and peaceful planet with +10,000 social media contacts. She is also the author of the Marketing Step-By-Step Guide: Quick & Easy Tools to Get You More Sales – Mobile Marketing for Micro Businesses.

Mirey Faema, Owner of Changemaker Marketing

We are a creative agency focused on helping Socially Conscious Organizations, B-Corps, Social Enterprises and Sustainable Nonprofits grow financially and develop a tribe that supports their collective vision. We believe in a sustainable future and strive to use our marketing and sales expertise to help those who are focused on bettering our communities, the environment and discovering sustainable solutions to current environmental and social problems.

Coaching Client Testimonials

“Liza J. Lee’s marketing coaching is invaluable to me as a novice in the development of a professional web site. She is taking me through step by step what I have to do to launch a successful online business. She provides a lot of useful suggestions and practical tips. I can recommend her as an effective coach.” Chris Friel, Gays Around the World

“I’ve been working with Changemaker Marketing for about 5 months, and I am beyond happy! As an exceptionally brilliant businesswoman, Mirey intricately consults on all aspects of marketing (even the digital pieces that make your eyes glaze over and your ears ring) and throws in some expertise on HR and operations if required. I will absolutely continue working with her and recommend her to anyone who is seeking similar services.” Alison Ruks Wintersteiner

Workshop Address:

Creative Co-Workers
Unit B1 (buzz #010),
343 Railway St, Vancouver, BC

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