Happy Bains Vegan Speaker at IMPACT Festival

Time Management for A Vegan Lifestyle

Plant-based Solution for Global Food Supply Chain

The Art Party is collaborating with IMPACT Festival for Virtual Charity Festival: July 16 to 20, with livestream to 3D Virtual World with +10 million active users and Zoom for an even bigger impact! 💥

The Art Party is supporting vegan Zoom workshops as this is a solution to reduce our carbon footprint with a more plant-based diet.

★Join Happy Bains, Vegan Speaker at IMPACT Festival 🌿

Happy Bains is a Canadian Success Coach, former Indian and International Model, Actor, Fashion & Event Director, Celebrity Manager, he is now a certified and professional Consultant, Speaker, Seminar Leader, Career and Business Advancement Coach and proud Founder of GURU! Global Consulting. A vegan since childhood, Happy will talk about vegan cooking, time management and how plant-based protein is a solution for our current pandemic crisis affecting our global food supply chain.


IMPACT Festival has tested the multi-stage digital festival model to include cutting edge visuals, 3D-designed stages, virtual dance floors, merchandise integration, and more. This is all to help attract a huge audience of virtual supporters for your art, music or passion. 🌎

There are multiple causes for IMPACT Festivals in 2020, including the Artist Relief Impact Fund to support artists who perform at Impact Festival and its associated streams. 100% of this fund will be given to participating artists, divided fairly by the fraction of viewers of each artist’s stream. IMPACT Festival is also supplementing through grand stand sponsorship. ❤️

IMPACT Festival offers consistent streaming for recurring revenue sources for artists to make money online.

Vegan Recipes 🌿

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