Make Money Online With Your Creativity

Make Money Online With Your Creativity

Our Workshop Can Help Even If You Have With No Experience 

Bob Garlick (Photographer and Creativity Coach) provides skill sharing on turning your passion into a career: I have been shooting and being creative all over the world. I started working for a professional photographer at Monday magazine when I was 16. I worked in Vancouver and Toronto and then moved to Tokyo and Thailand and worked in those locations for over 14 years. I worked in and for advertising agencies for many years in Asia. I now run several businesses all of which utilize my photographic and design skills to keep clients coming back for more.

What is your professional background and bio overview? 

  • 35 years as a professional photographer, art director and designer.
  • I have worked for large advertising agencies like McCann Ericsson Tokyo as well as Magazines like Maclean’s Canada.
  • I have run and managed 4 different studios: Victoria, Toronto, Vancouver and Thailand.

How can your specialization help creatives and changemakers? 

  • I can give insight into how the system works, as well as who you should be targeting.
  • Share successful marketing campaigns I have used to get the attention of editors and creative directors.
  • Illustrate that your success depends not only on talent but being organized and consistent.

What is the topic of your Facebook Live workshop? 

  • The power of a portfolio and what to put in it.
  • How to show your work online and build relationships with people.
  • How you can build a business while still working full-time.

What are the top 3 questions you think people will ask? 

  • How can I break into the business?
  • How to get more clients?
  • What equipment do I need?

Workshop Sample: “Bob Garlick on Becoming a Professional Photographer”

Video Interview: “Turn Your Passion & Creativity Into a Business” 

5 Steps To Serve Your True Fans or Ideal Buyers

Step 1: Discover what internal factors motivate you daily and long-term!
Step 2: Get short-cuts to convert a product or service to make it easier to sell.
Step 3: Research your list of products or services your true fans want.
Step 4: Identify your most desirable product or service for your true fans.
Step 5: Scale your product or service growth for your ideal buyers.

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