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Make Money Online With Your Creativity.
Even If You’re New With No Fans.

Learn How To Turn Your Creativity & Passion Into A Business

Bob Garlick (Photographer and Creativity Coach) provides skill sharing on turning your passion into a career: I have been shooting and being creative all over the world. I started working for a professional photographer at Monday magazine when I was 16. I worked in Vancouver and Toronto and then moved to Tokyo and Thailand and worked in those locations for over 14 years. I worked in and for advertising agencies for many years in Asia. I now run several businesses all of which utilize my photographic and design skills to keep clients coming back for more.

Workshop: “Turn Your Creativity & Passion Into a Career or Business” ~ We’ll Email You the Link to the Facebook Live!

5 steps to get from where you are now with your creativity and passion to serving your true fans or ideal buyers!

Step 1: Discover what internal factors motivate you daily and long-term!
Step 2: Learn how to convert a product or service to make it easier to sell.
Step 3: Research your list of products or services your true fans want.
Step 4: Identify your most desirable product or service for your true fans.
Step 5: Scale the growth of your product or service for your ideal buyers.



Workshop Sample: “Bob Garlick on Becoming a Professional Photographer”


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