Vancouver Happy Hours


Enjoy Happy Hours Before Art Openings

Most Vancouver art openings occur on Thursday evenings, as well as occasionally on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. Here’s a list of Vancouver Happy Hours featuring local businesses, usually between 3pm to 6pm. We usually like to have an early dinner of Happy Hour appetizers before attending art openings, which are often after 6pm for several hours.

One of our Vancouver Happy Hours photos at Calabash Bistro got over 600,000 views on Google Local as this is helpful for visitors. Restaurant owners are also welcome to invite us for a Happy Hour visit. Contact us at The Art Party Facebook Page.

See Vancouver Happy Hours Album on our Facebook Page.


Chinatown Vancouver

Calabash Bistro
428 Carrall St.,
Tues-Fri 5-7pm
Cheap Poutine, Jerk Chicken Skewers, Jamaican Patties, Dark & Stormys, beer, wine

The Emerald
555 Gore St.,
Tues-Fri 5-7pm
Snacks $5; share plates and salads $10; select beers $4; house wines $5; half-price cocktails

185 Keefer St.,
Daily 4:30-6:00pm
Food specials $6-$10, “wood boards” $21-$23; beer and cider $5; cocktails and aperitifs $7 to $8; tap wines $7

The Keefer Bar
135 Keefer St.,
Sun-Fri 5-7pm
All food 2-for-1 (with purchase of drinks and parties of nine or less); wines and Aprerol spritz $8 each; nightly specials

Mamie Taylor’s
251 E. Georgia St.,
Mon-Fri 5-6pm; Sat-Sun 3-5pm
Draft beer $5; wine $6; the Mamie Taylor cocktail $6; select snacks $1-$2 each

The Union
219 Union St.,
“Late night” Happy Hour Fri-Sat 11:30pm-close; Sun all day
Food specials $6-$17; daily beer features

Downtown Vancouver

Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar
845 Burrard St.,
Daily 3-6pm
Food specials $5-$10; local oysters $2 each; select beers and highballs $5 each; select wines and cocktails $6 each

Café Medina
780 Richards St.,
Mon-Fri 2-3pm
House “libation” cocktails $7; draught beer $5; “coffee spikes” $4

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar
1055 W. Hastings St.,
Daily 3-6pm
Craft beer pints $5; select wines $6; select American whiskey $5; oysters $1-$2 (6 per person, per order); select food $10-$13

1054 Alberni St.,
Daily 2:30-5:30pm
Draft beer, wines, highballs, Sangria and Caesars $5 each; martinis $8; oysters $1.50 each; small plates and sushi rolls $7.95-$12.95

Homer St. Cafe and Bar
898 Homer St.,
Mon-Fri 2:30-5pm
Wishbone lager, house wines, highballs, snacks and desserts $5 each

Hy’s Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar
637 Hornby St.,
Mon-Fri 3-6pm
Featured red and white wines $9 each; bottled beer $5; feature cocktails half off; snacks $3-$5

Joe Fortes Seafood and Chop House
777 Thurlow St.,
Daily 4-6pm (at bar only)
Wine, highballs and Red Truck pints $5 each; $12 oysters (6 per order, per person); small plates $5.95-$13.95

Market by Jean-Georges
1115 Alberni St.,
Daily 3-6pm and 9pm-close
Draught beer and house wines $6 each; featured cocktails $8; snacks $9-$11

Tableau Bar Bistro
1181 Melville St.,
Daily 2:30-5:30-pm and 9pm-close
Select menu items half price; Blonde Bombshell lager, select highballs, wines and sparkling wine $5 each

1300 Robson St.,
Daily 3-6pm
$4 pilsner; half off “Snacks” menu

Uva Wine & Cocktail Bar
900 Seymour St.,
Daily 2-6pm
Select cocktails $8-$9; select wines $5 glass, $35 bottle; Brio Icelandic Pilsner $7; Angry Orchard cider $6; antipasti $5-$9

Yew Seafood + Bar
791 W. Georgia St.,
“Reverse” Happy Hour daily 8-11pm
Select cocktails and small plates $10 each

Gastown Vancouver

Belgard Kitchen
55 Dunlevy Ave.,
Mon-Thurs 3-6pm
Food specials $7-$9, daily wine selections and Postmark brewing pint $5 each

Catch 122
122 W. Hastings St.,
Tues-Fri 4-6pm; Sat-Sun 5-6pm
Select beers, wines and highballs $5 each; select cocktails $7; snacks $4-$10

La Mezcaleria
68 E .Cordova St.,
Tues-Sun 3-6pm
Ceviche Callejero $6; Quesito Fundido $8; house wines, draft beers and Paloma cocktails $5 each

350 Carrall St.,
Daily 5-6:30pm; 10:30pm-late
Daily food specials; classic cocktails $7.50; wine $6; tall cans of Tiger beer $5

Tacofino Taco Bar
15 W. Cordova St.,
Daily 3-6pm
Food specials $5-$10; all draft beer $5; red or white wine $1 off; margaritas $8

Yaletown Vancouver

Hapa Izakaya
1193 Hamilton St.,
Daily 5-6pm, plus 9pm-close (Sun-Thurs only)
Food specials $3.50-$6.50; draft beer $4; wine $5

La Pentola
350 Davie St.,
Daily 9pm-late
Food specials $5; draft beer $4; wines $5; negroni $6

1118 Mainland St.,
Daily 4:30-6pm
Select aburi sushi and sushi rolls $16-$17.50; “Kanpai Dui” of feature beer and Kaisen tempura $12

Provence Marinaside
1177 Marinaside Cres.,
Daily 3-5pm
Select wines $5; small plates $5-$6

Rodney’s Oyster House
1228 Hamilton St.,
Mon-Sat 3-6pm
Food specials $6.95-$13.95

1079 Mainland St.,
Daily 3-6pm and 9pm-midnight (except Sun, to 11pm)
Food specials $5.50-$6.75; wines $5-$7; martinis and cocktails $6-$7; draft beer $5

East Vancouver

The Brighton
2471 E. Hastings St.,
Daily 3-8pm
Lonetree cider, Dirty Girl pilsner, house wine and select highballs $3.50 each

Jackalopes Neighbourhood Dive
2257 E Hastings St,
Daily 4-6pm, 9pm-11pm
Cheap eats. All draft pints $5 each

The Cascade
2616 Main St.,
Daily 3-6pm
Draught beer and wine $5 each; cocktails $6; Jack Daniels shots $4-$7; beer and a shot $8; snacks $4-$8; banger and a beer $8; burger and a beer $15

136 E. Broadway,
Daily 5-6pm
Tequila or Jameson shots $3; local draughts $5; wine $6; select cocktails $7

646 Kingsway,
Mon-Sat 5-6:30pm
Daily beer ($4) and wine ($6) selections; burger and a beer $20; rotating food features half price

El Camino’s
3250 Main St.,
Daily 3-4 pm and 10pm-close; Sundays 4-10pm
Select tapas, tacos and desserts $6-$15

La Mezcaleria
1622 Commercial Dr.,
Tues-Sun 3-6pm
Ceviche Callejero $6; Quesito Fundido $8; house wines, draft beers and Paloma cocktails $5 each

What’s Up? Hot Dog!
2481 E. Hastings,
Daily 3-6pm
Pabst Blue Ribbon cans, Lonetree cider, select wines and highballs $3.50 each

Westside Vancouver

1600 Howe St.,
Mon-Fri 3:30-5pm
Oysters $2 each; select wines $6; rotating food and cocktail specials

Beach Bay Cafe and Patio
1193 Denman St.,
Daily 2-5pm
Beer $5; wine $5; mulled wine $8; highballs $5; food specials $10-$13

The Blind Sparrow
751 Denman St.,
Daily 4-6pm
Pints $5; wine $6; feature taco $3; food specials $8-$10

833 Denman St.,
Mon-Fri 4:30-6pm
Special Happy Hour food items $3 each; beer pints $5, wine and highballs $4 each

Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar
2201 W. 1st Ave.,
Daily 3-6pm
Craft beer pints $5; select wines $6; select American whiskey $5; oysters $1-$2 (min. 6 per person, per order); select food $5-$9

1943 Cornwall Ave.,
Daily 4-6pm
Past Blue Ribbon (sleeve) and Good Company lager (can) $4 each; select highballs $4.50

Score on Davie
1262 Davie St.,
Daily specials

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